Williamsburg Residents Fed Up After Latest Shooting





A response to last night’s shooting at 71 Division Ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn was posted on Facebook. This is not the first time that letters, complaints, emails, calls, and other forms of communications have been directed to the NYPD and the NYPD 90th precinct.

“This is not new here on this corner, its open season with drugs and gangs having a turf war for the last couple of years. The local precinct is fully aware of every detail, from the buyers to the sellers, as I have said many times, more drug traffic is here in the area than at Walgreen’s” Said, Isaac Abraham, spokesman for the tenants association of Clemente Plaza (across the Bodega).

From our records, there have been at least 14 shootings in the last year on Berry Street between Division Ave. and Broadway with many injuries.

Police have released surveillance video of the suspects wanted in connection with one of the 14 shootings (shooting at 160 Havemeyer Street) on Wednesday, December 20. According to the NYPD, two unknown Hispanic men approached the victims at the above location, firing multiple shots before fleeing in a white sedan.

Community activist Isaac Abraham wrote on Facebook,  “The local Precinct has totally ignored all the information provided to them for the last two years including calls, letters, and complaints through Twitter to the NYPD. 

Just not long ago on the same corner, an innocent child coming from to school to visit his mother in the daycare center, was shot by a stray bullet, one gang member was shot in the leg, some calls to 911 “shots fired”, response for officers responding, “fireworks”, when we all in the neighborhood know the sound of gunfire. Will be available to the media after 10:30 AM”.

Response from the NYPD can take 10 months.   Will it take a bunch of dead children for  Williamsburg residents to feel safe?


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