What Really Happened In The Search For Rabbi Bauman Z”L?

There are people who called various organizations for information and asked what could be done to help out in the search for Rabbi Bauman Z”l when the story unfolded.   While many made a tremendous Kiddush Hashem and always make a Kiddush Hashem there are those who should never be involved in searches or anything because all they do is purposely mislead, lie, and spread rumors.

While the person in the video below blames media and calls it fake news, everyone should know that the fake news came directly from some FRUM people who went down to Virginia and gave media straight out lies.

The lies and rumors were endless and this goes on with just about every single high profile case.  A relative to the Baumans mentioned the story about a Rov paskening to sit shiva without a body was also a lie.  Secular media was LIED TO constantly by people calling themselves spokespeople and Jewish media. Watch this video which is only a GLIMPSE into the problems of FAKE NEWS led by Jewish bloggers.

Will anything ever change or will the craziness continue every time there is a tragedy? It is time for an official spokesperson in the Jewish community who can speak to the media, deal with the media in a truthful manner and not spin things because the truth will always come out sooner than later anyway.  An official media spokesperson is something that is needed now and more than ever in the Jewish community.



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