Weatherman struck by lightning during live broadcast

This is the shocking moment a weather reporter is struck by a bolt of lightning during a live broadcast and survives to tell the tale.

Liu Xiaodong, a reporter for Chinese news station Dalian Weather TV, was standing on the roof of a multi-story building during a rainstorm when the extraordinary incident happened.

The incredible clip shows Liu speaking to the camera about the recent weather in Dalian City, in northeast China, when the sky erupts with a flash and bolts of lightning can be seen exploding from the heavens.

Just as he finished reporting, one giant streak can even be seen striking a skyscraper in the background.

Liu yells and throws away his metallic umbrella as he and his cameraman were struck by the potentially deadly blasts of electricity.

But both brave men survived the frightening incident and did not suffer any serious injuries.

The weather reporter later spoke about the potentially fatal accident and revealed the electricity traveled up his arm.

He said: “I saw a yellow spark on my hand and the umbrella handle.”

“The electricity traveled up my forearm and my hand was numb afterward.”

“The video didn’t quite capture the sparks,” Liu added, according to, saying the electric current was relatively small.

“Had the video really captured the current hitting my hand, I probably wouldn’t be standing here giving this interview,” he said.


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