Watch: Shocking Video Of NYPD Officers Roughing Up Motorist Involved In An Accident

Brooklyn   A video showing a motorist involved in an accident being roughed up by NYPD officers on 18th Ave and Mc Donald Ave has gone viral on social media platforms. Video also shows Maimonides EMT telling officers NOT to rough up motorist.  This video is a clear example of why all NYPD officers should wear body cams and have them on when interacting with citizens. The officers are seen on video exasperating a situation by cursing, yelling and telling the driver to get his hands off an officer when the officer was the one grabbing the drivers hand. NYPD officers were recently trained on how to deal with citizens.

Watch how NYPD de-escalates a serious situation involving two drivers that were physically assaulting each other after a road rage and a high-speed chase with drivers traveling the wrong way on a Brooklyn street in July of 2016. No arrests were made at the time.


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