Getting angry because of someone’s driving is never wise – and it will almost always end in tears.

Which is exactly what happened to this passenger, who objected to the driver behind him sounding his horn.

He got out of the car, armed himself with a baseball bat and stormed over to the car behind to confront the offender, before swinging back the bat and smashing up the right wing.

But the driver in the car behind did not take well to his car being smashed up so got out and reacted with equal violence and ferocity.

With a single punch he knocked out the guy with the baseball bat then took on the baseball bat-wielding man’s passenger who had, perhaps foolishly, got out to (belatedly) defend his friend.

Meanwhile, the people in the car at the back of the line record the whole thing while calling for police and ambulance crews to come and help.

Moral of this story? Life’s too short for road rage.


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