WATCH: Driver Arrested After Stolen Penske Rental Truck Pursuit in San Fernando Valley

Rewind the above Video to watch the LA Truck Pursuit

The truck was on streets in the North Hills area before the driver entered the southbound 405 Freeway, where traffic was moving slowly during the morning commute. The driver pulled to the side of the busy freeway and appeared to wave his arm at officers before backing up toward their patrol cars.

He continued south on the freeway before hitting more traffic and driving over a freeway exit ramp divider and exiting onto streets in the Van Nuys area. An officer deployed a spike strip, which the truck appeared to run over with a right rear tire.

The drive pulled alongside another cargo truck and a tried to get inside the vehicle as officers swarmed toward him. The man crawled between the two trucks, but police restrained him and made the arrest.

It was no immediately clear whether the truck contained cargo.


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