WATCH: Man Kicked Off Delta Flight Because He Used the Restroom While Plane Was Waiting on Tarmac

MILWAUKEE — A man trying to get home to Milwaukee on a Delta Airlines flight was kicked off after an emergency run to the bathroom, reports CBS Milwaukee affiliate WDJT-TV. The carrier says Kima Hamilton didn’t comply with the crew’s instructions.

Krista Rosolino was on that flight and told WDJY the way Hamilton was treated was out of line. Her husband took out his cell phone and recorded part of the exchange. She is an attorney at the Milwaukee law firm of Warshafsky, Rotter, Tranoff & Bloch.

“As a person, and now a mother, and someone who tries to fight for people’s rights on a regular basis, it just felt really wrong what had happened to him,” Rosolino said.

On April 18, Rosolino was on her way home with her husband and baby. She said Hamilton needed to use the restroom while the plane was on the tarmac in Atlanta. He was told he couldn’t the first time he tried. However, when a half-hour went by, Hamilton said it was an emergency.

When he came back, a Delta employee told him to get off the plane.


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