WABC Video shows dead chickens in cages as part Kaporos Ritual

Brooklyn Exclusive WABC video allegedly shows scores of chickens found dead in cages in Brooklyn, as part of a Jewish ritual that courts have protected under religious freedom.

Anti Kapores groups have an agenda to shut down Kapores centers. Nobody helps the situation having Kapores on streets, backyards, working in filthy conditions and disregarding basic tzaar balei chaim halachas.

“We had a meeting in our community with the rabbis,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind told WABC news. “All are on the same page. It’s gotta be done the right way, can’t cause situations where chickens are not being fed.”

Why is this happening every single year?  Obviously, there is no proper hashgocha at many Kapores locations.

Would anyone be crazy enough to eat chickens with no proper hashgocha during the year?



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