Video: TLC Driver Slams Into Boro Park Pedestrian In Hit And Run

Brooklyn, NY  A pedestrian was hit by an NYC TLC driver on Sunday, January 7th 2018 on 13th Ave 39 St apx 2:35 P.M.

The victim who wishes to remain unidentified for this article tells GifterInGotham.Com that he was crossing the street eastbound on 13th Ave and 39 St in Brooklyn when a driver traveling westbound made a left-hand turn and didn’t yield or stop and slammed into him.

The victim landed on the hood of the TLC vehicle and rolled off and hit his head very hard and nearly got run over again by the tires.

The driver got out for 30 seconds and said he couldn’t see and went back into his vehicle and drove off.  The victim says the getaway driver didn’t even ask if he was OK or call for an ambulance.   The victim was taken by Hatzolah to Maimonides Hospital and suffered some injuries that can be life-changing.

The NYPD made a police report at the hospital. The victim says the NYPD 66 pct refuses to return his phone calls for the last two weeks and didn’t bother to get surveillance footage. The victim says he feels the NYPD couldn’t care less about hunting down the driver.

No arrests have been made.

There is currently no serious legislation to toughen up penalties and focus on apprehending hit and run drivers in New York City.

Just two weeks ago a New York City Cop was hit by a driver that sped off. The NYPD made a quick arrest in that case. Is there a double standard when it comes to regular citizens? 


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