Upstate Yeshiva Fire Eyed As Hate Crime

Swastika painted on car in anti semitic attack on Upstate yeshiva 01.28.2019

Liberty, NY    On Monday, January 28, 2019 State police received a call around 6 PM for a Structure fire.  When the Fire department and police officials arrived they saw a building in flames. The building is a yeshiva run by Rabbi Lankry. After the fire was put out fire officials found swastikas all over the building.

The New York State police are treating the incident as a hate crime. There have been dozens of harassments, anti-semitic attacks against the yeshiva from people in the town and others over the years according to Rabbi Lankry.

The yeshiva has been told they must take down the remaining structure within 45 days or face hefty fines according to Rabbi Lankry.

There is an active lawsuit against the town after animals that were being taken care of was confiscated due to alleged malnutrition.  Some animals died in the care of the officials that took the animals away.

The ADL has been aware of this incident since last week and has not issued a statement.

Exclusive Pics:

Video about the Yeshiva:


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