Train derailment in Harlem Was caused by human error, MTA says

Workers examine the damage at the 125th Street station on Tuesday, June 27, 2017, after a derailment. (Credit: Transport Workers Union, Local 100)

NEW YORK   Two track-work supervisors were suspended without pay for not securing rails left after repairs to the rails where the ‘A’ train derailed. The derailment was caused by “human error” and a piece of replacement rail that had been improperly stored on the tracks, MTA official Joe Lhota said.

The train “bucked,” as MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota said during a Tuesday afternoon news conference. It slammed into a wall, tearing open a door, and flung terrified passengers from their seats as it damaged tracks and tunnel gear.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers. The investigation into this incident continues,” Lhota and Ronnie Hakim, the MTA’s interim executive director, said in a joint press release late Tuesday night.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who oversees the transit system through board appointments, was slammed the last few weeks for his handling of MTA problems and was silent on the derailment throughout the day until he issued a statement hours afterward upsetting even more straphangers.


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