Thousands Turn Out To Celebrate Israel On 5th Ave

Ne York City Mayor and presidential candidate Bill de Blasio marches in the Israel day parade on 5th Ave in Manhattan, NY 06.02.2019 Photo: Shimon Gifter

Manhattan              Fifth Avenue turned into a river of blue and white Sunday as thousands of people marched through midtown to show their support for Israel in the annual Celebrate Israel Parade. Large crowds lined the parade route as marching bands and floats moved north from East 57th Street to East 74th Street. Many in the crowd waved Israeli flags and wore T-shirts expressing pride in their Jewish culture and heritage. Elected officials, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, and Mayor Bill de Blasio, marched to support Israel and New York’s Jewish community.

Cuomo said anti-Semitic attacks have spiked in New York state, and he used the event to denounce hate and bigotry. Cuomo said New York law enforcement agencies will vigorously investigate and prosecute anti-Semitic attacks, which he called “a cancer of the American body politic.” The governor said he would visit Israel after the legislative session ends later this month to show solidarity with the Jewish state. He called on all politicians, Democrats, and Republicans, to condemn neo-Nazis and other hate organizations.

“They are domestic terrorists,” said Cuomo, standing across the street from the Trump Tower. “That’s what they are. This is not part of our democracy. They spread hate, they spread violence.” Cuomo said his comments were not directed at Trump, who has been widely criticized for not sufficiently condemning anti-Semitism and white supremacy. “That’s a coincidence,” he said of his location.


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