Thousands of Pieces Of Luggage Sits At JFK Airport And Not Reunited With It’s Owners

QUEENS, NY   Former Obama Transportation Secretary to Run Investigation Into JFK Fiasco as Lost Luggage Complaints Pile Up the last seven days.

As of Wednesday afternoon, about 5,000 bags left at JFK Airport still haven’t been returned to their rightful owners, two sources familiar with the situation told News 4. At the height of last weekend’s dysfunction, the airport had tens of thousands of bags that had been separated from its owners, according to the sources.

Delta said in a statement Wednesday, “Delta is delivering bags to customers and expects to return its baggage operation to normal levels tonight.”

But the airline made similar statements Tuesday.

Sources said about 3,800 of the missing bags were on Delta flights, and that the airline had returned an additional 4,000 on Tuesday. Another 800 bags belonged to Air China customers. That airline was not immediately available for comment.

NBC flew over JFK airport to get a bird’s eye view of the chaotic mess and captured airport employees throwing luggage around. Talkabout adding salt to your wound!

NBC reporter Andrew Siff has this shocking exclusive report from JFK airport.



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