Rabbi YY Jacobson Blast Crooked Leaders

NEW YORK   The thirty-second anniversary of the biggest silence in American yeshiva history, where a yeshiva student by the name of Chaim Weiss was murdered in his dorm room on November 1, 1986 is upon us. The case will never be forgotten. Many questions have been answered after an exclusive report put out last year here: http://gifteringotham.com/31-years-later-new-details-long-…/

The former yeshiva higher-ups have told many people that if the police couldn’t solve it nobody else can so why talk about it? Why bring it up now?  Some students are still feeling uncomfortable talking about what happened and giving peace to the Weiss family.  Torah sages ruled one MUST bring justice for the Weiss family.

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Rav Chaim Kaniefsky was asked what to do with a molester who abused a boy and Rav Chaim Kaniefsky ruled lock him up and do not go to beis din. How is it that the Agudath Israel Of America and the church are the only two religious entities in New York State that continue to cover up sexual abuse and fight against the Markey bill in NYS?

Why is this video of Rav Chaim Kaniefsky not being published and publicized by the Jewish community?
The Markey bill would give added protection for victims who are trying to bring their abusers to court and lock them up as Rav Chaim Kaniefsky says that is where they belong.
Jewish community leader Isaac Abraham said recently in a post on Facebook, “#Fakefaithbased people, Jewish leaders, and or Jewish organizations that were running from one camera to another to respond to the 11 people that were killed in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, are nowhere to be found when hundreds of children are killed morally, mentally, and physically by being molested or sexually abused. SHAME ON THEM.”

Rabbi YY Jacobson has strong words for our crooked leaders. This is a must watch:


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