Monday, January 21, 2019
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Amazon profiting by selling hatred Against Jews

NEW YORK     A dominant cyberspace store admitted profiting from the sale of products promoting hatred and violence. That's until one local professor started...

EBAY Takes Down Swastika Fidget Spinner

New York    A well known community activist in Williamsburg, Isaac Abraham, became aware of an offensive swastika fidget spinner  being sold on E...

Amazon customers are shopping at ‘record levels’ on Prime Day

/Special deals not seen anywhere else can be found on www.spentright.comBoom. #PrimeDay has begun! Find the best deals #PrimeDay has to offer now:

Amazon Offers Prime Discount To Customers On Government Benefits

Amazon announced today it’s making its Prime membership program more affordable to customers on government assistance programs, including food stamps. The program, which requires...

Benefits of Tree Oil

Don’t just take people’s word for the amazing power of tea tree oil. Many scientific studies have been conducted in order to prove just how...

This Delaware building is home to thousands of large companies

You wouldn't expect there to be anything special about this tiny brick building at 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington, Delaware if you drove...

Amazon Introduces “Amazon Cash” Shop on Amazon with Cash

Amazon introduced Amazon Cash where shoppers can reload their Amazon balance with cash in participating stores.Follow the instructions on this page to receive a...

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