Sholom Rubashkin Defense Attorney Happy For His Freedom

WEST DES MOINES – The former defense lawyer for Sholom Rubashkin spoke to Local 5 media in Iowa about the news of his former client’s commutation, and now, freedom.

Montogmery Brown, a lawyer in Des Moines, said he was notified of the news of Rubashkin’s release just a few hours before the press knew on Wednesday. President Trump commuted his sentence.

“I have not been involved in that reaching out process,” said Brown. “People have been keeping me posted about what’s been going on. I can say that the family called me tonight and said they are so happy with President Trump and that he has done, this is the right thing.”

“When the raid happened, things fall apart,” said Brown. “And he received what many call a Draconian sentence, longer than anybody in the Enron scandal.”

“There’s been a groundswell of legal support on the sentencing issue by ex-U.S attorneys, attorney generals, federal prosecutors, and even some judges that said a sentence of 27 years is for this type of activity is way too harsh,” said Brown.

Right now, Brown is just relieved for Rubashkin.

“I’m so happy for him that he’s had this chance,” said Brown. “You know, eight years is still a long time. it’s consistent with the amount of loss in this case.”


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