Shocking Video of thugs attacking NYPD officers

Screen grab of NYPD officer tripping before being pushed to the ground by a thug. (Facebook)

Brooklyn,NY  —  Shocking video surfaced on Facebook where cops are seen being punched in the face, pushed, and shoved on Friday July 21,2017.

Cops called for back up after being shoved, assaulted, [punched in the face and outnumbered in a Williamsburg NYCHA development.  Video also shows one cop tripping twice and then another thug pushing a cop while trying to get back up on his feet.

Gifter In Gotham media reached out to a resident in the housing development where the incident took place and was told, “This is a city that is controlled by thugs. Cops running away from thugs? This has not been seen since mayor David Dinkin days.”

Only one arrest took place according to witnesses.

Residents are asking why only one arrest?   Residents are also taking issue with D.A. Eric Gonzales for being soft on crime and having a revolving door policy. It’s a sad situation when cops have no backing from their Mayor or the Brooklyn district attorney.  Politicians tend to talk tough on crime and speak how they love the police. Brooklyn residents are sick and tired of the cheap talking points especially weeks before an election.

Talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words. Why aren’t there more arrests? Why are criminals allowed to push, shove, curse, punch cops in the face?

Facebook user Isaac Abraham uploaded one video from the incident and wrote: “This clip shows regular thugs who hang out on Division Ave near Berry Street, day in day out selling drugs, violating every quality of life issue, noise after hours, blocking traffic, racing dirt bikes.
All in full view and knowledge of the 90 Pct, most of it goes unreported and sometimes responded.

In this case there was a large group gathered Friday night about 10:30 PM, when a patrol car pulled up and asked them to lower it, one tug punched a cop, this thug already threatened another cop last year, no report was done.
When a 10-85 was called, you will also notice other thugs interfering with the cops trying to make an arrest, one cop running to assist, fell and fell again, he was injured.

Why only one arrest, why is this going on every day every weekend, even this incident didn’t make it on the NYPD report?, WHY?

There will be more video’s coming, please share this with all, if the 90 Pct can’t stop this then we will ask the Federal Government to step in since its Federal funded development or the State Police.

I have two words for Community Policing, MY A–, in all my tweets for the last two years, I never got a response, call or message back, not from the 90, not from NYPD Community Affairs, not from what they call “Headquarters”, there policy is, let’s ignore it and him.

Names of these thugs are well known to the entire neighborhood and NYPD, all have prior criminal records.

To all for the record, when things will hit the fan, I told you so.
Speaking to an eye witness, “the cops left as fast as they came, leaving the entire gang out there till wee hours ion the morning, we couldn’t sleep.”




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