Shocking Hit And Run In Brooklyn Caught On Video

NEW YORK   A shocking hit and run by Satmar school bus was caught on video.  The collision happened two blocks away from the NYPD 70th pct in Brooklyn, NY. It is unclear if any arrests were made or if this will be another cover-up. Children were on the bus as you can see in this clip. This is outrageous behavior.

In 2014 I approached dozens of politicians after a vision zero meeting regarding enforcing current laws on hit and run drivers and making the current laws even tougher.  The city of New York must put an end to drivers leaving the scene of an accident.  This behavior is outrageous and happens over ten times a week in NYC.    When will mayor de Blasio say enough is enough and do something about this hit and run plague that is rampant in New York City? Are we waiting for more deaths?  Politicians have done NOTHING to combat this hit and run plague. The city will wait until a few people get killed, issue a few tickets and then go back to doing nothing again.


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