“Shake my hand”! Insane passenger Demands To Shake The Hand Of Jewish Passenger

A bizarre argument broke out on a plane as an insane passenger demanded to shake the hand of a fellow flyer.

Nikita Groz was sat waiting for his flight to New York to leave Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow when he spotted a fellow American 15 rows in front of him.

His footage captures the moment the man, dressed in a smart lilac shirt, suddenly becomes annoyed and storms towards a Jewish couple standing in the aisle, shouting ‘I’m going to shake your hand’ repeatedly.

Clearly disturbed, the pair step nervously backward from the man as another passenger sits down and out of shot tries to hold him back.

Unperturbed, the man continues before another man who appears to be the pilot steps in between the two parties.

Even that doesn’t stop him shouting ‘I want to shake his hand’ before cursing the Jewish couple.

He then says: ‘I’m not an idiot, and cursing again.

Another video, filmed later, showed the angry passenger being arrested in the airport.

Nikita told a media outlet, “Honestly, the handshake caught me off guard.”

‘I was located 15 rows away and could not hear the main argument.

‘The plane was full of people coming from Israel coming to New York.

‘Eventually, the American had to be kicked off the plane because of his aggressive actions.

‘I talked to my friends about the situation and they told me handshakes are considered a form of insult in certain middle eastern countries.

‘I was relieved the angry man was kicked off the plane because the flight was 10 hours.’

Word has it the Russians took care of the insane American passenger when cameras weren’t present.


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