Serial Bomber Strikes Again In Texas

TEXAS   The San Antonio Texas Fire Department says a package bomb has exploded at a FedEx distribution center in Schertz, Texas, hurting 1 person, a FedEx employee who apparently suffered a non-life-threatening “percussion-type” injury from the blast.

The blast happened around 12:30 AM while a box was on a conveyer belt in a Fed Ex facility.

The FBI and ATF were at the scene. Federal agents say this package is likely linked to attacks by what they believe is a serial bomber.

Police and federal agents said Sunday night’s blast in Austin was triggered along a street by a nearly invisible tripwire suggests a “higher level of sophistication” than they have seen before in three early package bombs left on doorsteps, and means the carnage is now random, rather than targeted at someone in particular.

William Grote says the attack, by a suspected serial bomber that has terrorized Austin for weeks, left what appeared to be nails embedded in his grandson’s knees. Read more:

Device explodes in FedEx building outside San Antonio, police




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