Searing heat grips much of the U.S. — with the worst still to come


NEW YORK           The sweltering temperatures of recent days were just a warmup. The heatwave scorching two-thirds of the nation will hit its peak over the weekend.

Thinking about playing the dangerous conditions cool? Think again, health and government officials warn.

Officials from Wisconsin to Boston have declared heat emergencies, canceled classes and mobilized crews to prepare for the soaring temperatures through the weekend when more than 100 local heat records are expected to fall.

NYC Hatzolah volunteer organization put out an alert to the communities they serve:

More than 173 million people were under excessive heat alerts on Friday and nearly 60 million more were under heat advisories, according to the weather service national map.

The heatwave blanketed a swath of the nation from central Nebraska and parts of Oklahoma to Vermont and Massachusetts and northern South Carolina, according to the weather service.

“If you absolutely have to be out in this heat, hydrate and take frequent breaks in the shade,” the National Weather Service tweeted Friday, with a map showing huge portions of the Southeast, mid-South, mid-Atlantic and Midwest suffering from extreme heat.


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