VIDEO: Radio Host Nachum Segal Visibly Shaken As Abuse Victims Share Stories on Amudim Livestream

New York       Zvi Gluck was born to help others. Growing up in the home of his father, the illustrious Rabbi Edgar Gluck, Zvi witnessed the extent that one must go to support those in crisis and guide them to success. But perhaps the greatest lesson he learned from his father is the famous dictum of Pirkei Avos: “B’makom sh’ein bo anashim, hishtadel lehiyos ish” — in a place where there are no leaders, YOU be the leader.

At the age of 15, Zvi saw a need that was not being met. Children who had lost parents to cancer were not receiving the bereavement services they desperately needed. So Zvi founded the National Cancer Bereavement Foundation to ensure that those vital services would be provided. Once larger, more established organizations saw the need and began addressing it themselves, Zvi stepped out because, it’s not about who gets the credit, it’s about whether those in crisis are getting the assistance they need. For 14 years, Zvi’s cell phone number has been on the speed dial of community leaders, Rabonim, politicians and anyone involved in community support. His phone rings 24/7: arrests, overdoses, suicide, sexual abuse and diplomatic issues.

Amudim organization led by Gluck started a major funding campaign Tuesday evening with the most recognized Jewish radio host in the world Nachum Segal ( so they can continue to help the thousands in need. Please show your support by donating to the worthy cause.

Wednesday morning, Mr. Segal described what he heard over his 2.5 hours interviews as “horrific”. 

Watch AMUDIM behind the scenes with Radio Host Nachum Segal, and Zvi Gluck.

On a separate note, former Long Beach yeshiva students should do the right thing and speak up on who and why Chaim Weiss was murdered in his dorm room.  Three years prior to that murder there was another suspicious death in the dorm. This is not a coincidence.

Full video:

Anyone with tips on Long beach can continue emailing me at [email protected] ALL tips will be confidential and forwarded to the proper people.

What has been going on the last few decades is a mageifa. There is no other way to describe the horror and why people protect sexual predators. Covering up abuse leads directly to murder and suicides.

I have interviewed dozens of abuse survivors over the last ten years and each story is painful and if there was only an organization like Amudim back then…

You want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?  AMUDIM is the solution. Donating money to Amudim any day of the week is guaranteeing that someone will get the help they need.




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