Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin Plea For Prison Reform Makes Impact On Rep. Yvette Clarke

Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin thanks Congresswoman Yvette Clarke For her leadership in helping with his release from prison in Crown heights 02.25.2018 Photo: Shimon Gifter

NEW YORK  Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin personally thanked Congresswoman Yvette Clarke in Crown Heights On February 25, 2018, for her leadership in helping with his release from prison.

Rubashkin spoke about his personal plight and other inmates and highlighted the mistreatment of an African American prisoner as an example of what goes wrong in prison and behind the public scene.

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke thanked the Agudath Israel Of America for their continuous work on behalf of the Jewish community and promised to address prison reform this year in Washington and will have Rubashkin speak on Capitol Hill as a witness.

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke talking to community leaders after meeting Rubashkin for the first time since his release from prison. Photo: Shimon Gifter


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