President Trump speaks at the CDC in Atlanta about the latest on the coronavirus

The White House announced late Friday morning that the trip which had been removed from his schedule late Thursday would take place after all.

President Trump explained to White House reporters Friday morning why the trip was canceled in the first place.

The president said, “They thought there was a problem at CDC with somebody that had the virus. It turned out negative so we’re seeing if we can do it. But yesterday afternoon, we were informed that there may have been a person with the virus and they now find out that that was a negative test. They’ve tested the person very fully and it was a negative test.”

This will be President Trump’s first visit to the main campus of the CDC.

Mr. Trump made the comments as he signed an $8.3 billion measure to help tackle the coronavirus outbreak that has killed 12 people in the U.S. and infected more than 200, including at least 2 people in Georgia. Read more from Fox News:


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