President Trump Honors First Responders To Steve Scalise Shooting 

Washington -President Donald Trump presented the Medal of Valor on Thursday to five of the first responders who were injured in a shooting on a congressional baseball practice last month that critically wounded Rep. Steve Scalise.

“These officers saved the lives of every innocent person on the field that day,” Trump told the audience, calling them “real heroes whose courageous action under fire saved so many lives.”

They raced through the bullets,” Trump said. “That’s exactly what they did. They raced through the bullets and immediately engaged the gunman.”

Scalise said in a statement Thursday, “I cannot think of a group of individuals more deserving of this award.”

Trump also thanked the paramedics, doctors, nurses and surgeons “for saving the lives of the wounded.”


On Monday, Scalise phoned in to the weekly GOP whips’ meeting, thanking everyone for their hard work and expressing appreciation for U.S. Capitol Police.


Scalise’s trauma surgeon, Dr. Jack Sava, told reporters last month that Scalise had arrived at the hospital in shock, with intense internal bleeding and “an imminent risk of death.”

This is the first group of medals presented by Trump since he took office in January.

Scalise plans on returning to congress when he fully recovers.


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