Poland-   Police in Poland are urging a senior citizen who appears to have been run over by a large truck to come forward.

CCTV footage from an intersection in Pajeczno, central Poland, shows the woman crossing the road – and a truck approaching her, seemingly unaware she is there.

As she walks in front of the truck’s cab, it starts driving slowly in her direction, and she begins being pushed down the road before falling over.

The woman is then obscured from the camera’s view, but it appears as though at least her shoulder has fallen beneath the truck’s front wheel – though it is possible she may have just dropped inches to the side of it.

The truck driver seems to suddenly recognise there’s a problem, immediately stopping his vehicle in the middle of the road and checking on the woman.

However, she wasn’t interested in his help and simply ignored him, rising to her feet and walking off in the other direction.

Polish police say they want to check up on her to see if she has any injuries – but they’ve also warned they’ll be issuing her with a fine for jay-walking.


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