Parrots Make Brooklyn South Their Nesting Ground

Brooklyn  Parrots add their squawk to the sounds of New York City.

There are various stories about the arrival and survival of the flocks, which have appeared in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and some reports in Staten Island.

Did they fly from a shipment at the airport years ago? Did they descend (or ascend) from pets on the run?

Brooklyn Parrots offers tours and information about the various flocks.

Steve Baldwin is with the group. He says people also report issues with nests and flocks. He’ll be looking at the Midwood area near Brooklyn College in November after some possible problems with some nests. (WPIX)

Some background information: About 18 years ago Parrots escaped from JFK airport while en route to some unknown destination. The birds were apparently on the way to the Bronx Zoo before they escaped.   A few parrots were first noticed after it’s constant frequency on E. 29 St between Ave I and J. Nesting grounds also started popping up on Ave I & E.27. After a few years, Brooklyn college students saw large nests in dozens of trees on the campus. The parrots are now estimated to be in the thousands. CBS2 reported on this story about 18 years ago.


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