OP-ED Shame On Boro Park Jewish Community

OP-ED    In a poll that I saw last night after the Senate confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, 96% of President Donald J. Trump supporters were angered and pissed at the way the MS14 Democratic gang humiliated, insulted, embarrassed, falsely accused and lied about him, trying to destroy his reputation, destroying his family. At the same time, 46% of independent voters were pissed as well. Time will only tell if we the people can bring the Democratic Party lower to what they bought this country too.

They (MS14), tried to do the same shtick when Trump announced that he was running for president and even more when he won back in 2016. It has been nonstop, every hour of the day they pull a new rabbit out of the hat, Russian Collusion, Russian prostitutes, Strippers, his taxes, his lawyers, his daughters, sons and son-in-law and even his wife First Lady Melania Trump  and even go into misfits about the way she dresses. First ,it was the shoes, the hat, the high heels, and now it’s the hat she wore on her African trip that the fake media did not like.

At least we saw some in the media, lay leaders, elected officials and respectful people express their anger in OP-ED’s, Opinions and via social media from all over the country.
Many even stating that these buffoons and gangsters in the Senate owe an apology to the Judge and his family.

Since many in the Orthodox Jewish Community, from Williamsburg to Boro Park, majority voted for President Donald J. Trump, I assume that we all are pissed off and angered as well and will continue to support the president and his choices for the US Supreme Court and any other position in government, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, protecting our religious rights with the Eiruv  that Jeff Sessions’ defended us on.

So here we go to the last councilman race in Boro Park, where the meanest looking councilman thug  was running the campaign for the other thug Kalman Yeger (didn’t stop it), throwing everything below the belt and unfounded at Yoni Hikind, literately poisoning the brains of the Jewish Community, destroying him and his family, fliers all over the streets, mail and robo-calls.

Not a pip-squeak, no outcry and not a word from any leaders, Jewish Media (who won’t post pictures of women), Ra-Bunim and/or these “BIG” mosdos who children read all these nasty material about Yoni, all these Ra-Bunim רע בנים are worried about their Kevitel money, their photos in the Jewish People’s Magazines, make sure that they are photographed with these two and other goons wishing them luck and a happy New year. Luck for what, so they can continue to destroy families?

Caring about the truth should be 24×7 and not selective or agenda driven.

These ASSkanim also protect their names while brainwashing rabbunim to sign petitions to ban a concert that had no merit to it’s claims.

Destroying someone else and his family for political gain is right? As long as it’s not them, who cares, is the attitude of many people that we expect better of.

These two gangsters never bothered to offer an apology, as we see now, they acted worse then the gentiles, and it’s shameful. The Mosdos leadership, the Rabbinical leaders, the lay leaders who sat quiet while the streets were turning upside-down is “שתיקה כהודאה דמיא”.

The High Holy days came and went, how the hell these Ra-Bunim even sat down to say תפילה זכה I don’t know, unless they don’t understand a word they say, the two thugs don’t care, and if they did it to Yoni and deafening silence from the public, they are and will do it again and again.

Over the last 20 years, every single election in Boro Park, Midwood, Williamsburg shows that opponents were accused of being antisemitic, or called neo-nazis and other baseless claims. Is the entire Jewish community so stupid not to figure out the trend of paid hacks making up things on opponents just to stir trouble and continue the corruption within the community?

It’s shameful for some people who call themselves “frum” to use the playbook of Nancy Pelosi of making up things and using fake media to brainwash the public.

High time to stand up to the thugs and phony Rabbinical leaders. People have one choice, vote against the establishment in future elections. The money you want to give to crooks and politicians should be given to poor families or A TIME or dozens of other worthy causes that ensure the continuity of Klal Yisroel.

Trump won because of one thing- ANTI ESTABLISHMENT. Continue doing it!

Isaac Abraham


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