OP ED On NYC 44th District Election Race

(L-R) Heshy Tischler, Kalman Yeger, Yoni HIkind candidates for the NYC 44th Council district. Photo: Shimon Gifter

By Isaac Abraham:

Brooklyn Polls have closed in New York City.  Before those hiding on social media will throw darts, before the insults are posted, before the winner and campaign staff goes crazy on the loser, here are my thoughts, and I won’t mince words.

Fact: each candidate must approve each ad and flier that goes out.
We all know that Tishler, being a nice guy and smart, had zero chance of winning the council seat in Boro Park, but should be respected for running a nice and clean campaign, and acted like a professional and his sense of humor was great.

Chances for Yoni Hikind to win was up in the air because he just didn’t have the presentation, knowledge, quick response, answers to question directed to him. Being a son of a well known elected officials for many years, זכות אבות doesn’t  matter, or return favors for his father’s accomplishments to vote for his son, doesn’t and didn’t fly much.

Yoni Hikind wasn’t polished enough this time. Does he have a future in politics?, time will tell.

Now we go to  winner, Kalman Yeger, a close friend, nice guy, well known, ran my (clean) campaign back in 2008. Where the did he go wrong in such a short time and who is responsible for taking him and his campaign into the toilet?

People turned Yeger into an animal and his negative campaign was the worst. The unbelievable shameless fliers and robocalls, social media posts, the חילל השם was worse than שפיכת דמים and גילו עריות. This election campaign cycle shouldn’t  be ignored and shoved under the carpet. There must be a direct response and a reaction.

The insults used against his opponent was worse than the secular people running for office. We just saw the left wing democrats run this type of campaign in the presidential race in 2016, they came in second to Boro Park and the Yeger campaign.

The election might be over, but the negative champion Kalman Yeger, who’s campaign used the worst language ever used, poisoned the air of this beautiful Yiddish Boro Park and not just for adults, but also the children in every yeshiva and at home, Askinim against Askunim, Mosdos against Mosdos, was disgusting.  The chutzpah to brainwash children with the politics is something that will be talked about for a long time.

The person at the steering wheel driving this, was none other then the mean spirited and hateful David G. Greenfield, who first tried to pull this garbage when it was Yeger Vs. Councilman Chaim Deutsch, and continued when Greenfield decided to take a job with the Met Council, passing the baton over to Yeger.

The Jewish Community at large must Join together and make all of them pay a heavy price, to bring them down, to treat them the way they behaved, expose them in every possible way unless they make an immediate please forgive me tour.  Greenfield had no fear doing it, neither should we.
The Met Council should take another look at their choice, because they will be part of the agenda of fear of the Rabbanim. Where were these cowards for the last 30 days? Where were all the “Photo-up Leaders”who stood silent while someones blood was being spilled on the streets of Boro Park?

Where were the government funded organizations that claim to help the Jewish Community at large?
The real war starts now and doesn’t have a deadline or a date and for those responsible, put on your seat-belts and helmets, a tsunami will hit you. this should not be a threat, it should be a promise. If we in the Jewish community will ever raise our heads that we God’s chosen people should be above the garbage that was displayed the last three months.

I should wish Kalman Yeger luck, but luck with his is actions in City Hall as Councilman will be just as his campaign?  If someone will disagree with him, he will take the David Greenfield route?  I’m sure the Al-Mighty loves us more then he loves Kalman because he won, this might be a trap set for him, so when he fails, he will pay the price for the negative campaigning. King David said, שפטני אלקים you take care of those who hurt me.


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