“The shooting happened at Old Timers Day, which is an annual event within the 73 pct. This is essentially a gigantic block party for a large area within the 73 pct. DeBlasio tweeted it is a peaceful celebration, however, that it is NEVER the case. Having worked it in the past and talking with other cops in the 73 Pct. and Brooklyn North, there is always some type of violence that occurs.

As of about 0330 when we got dismissed there were 12 people shot, 1 confirmed dead, with 2 more in critical condition. All injured parties were taken to Brookdale and King’s County Hospitals. A level 2 mobilization was called after the first couple of people were confirmed shot.

More people started showing at local hospitals. When we got to the scene, we were directed to Hegeman and New Lots Avenue where there were many people, into the hundredths gathered at their nearby residence called the Plaza located on New Lots and Mother Gaston Blvd, aka Stone Avenue. We were then directed to go to the courtyard where approximately five hundred people were still hanging out drinking and smoking weed. Upon first going back there we were Informed to clear everyone out of the area.

However, we were told to NOT TAKE ANY ACTION because Brooklyn DA Gonzalez was at the 73 Precinct. The crowd was non-compliant and extremely agitated that we were there. They DID NOT LISTEN to our commands. Eventually, individuals who did not comply were arrested which totaled 40. Most were charged with disorderly conduct and O.G.A.

Chief Maddrey showed up and told us to exit the courtyard and stand by on the outskirts. The scene was nothing short of a WAR ZONE and one of the craziest incidents I have ever seen in all my years in the NYPD!

People were yelling vulgar and vile things at all the Cops, such as WE WISH YOU WOULD DIE and a litany of other HORRIFIC TERMS.

In the previous years, I worked this event violence included people shot and numerous calls for multiple shots fired. However, also in the past, we were directed to not enforce drinking and other low-level offenses. Despite all the recent attacks on cops all the officers did their job last night valiantly and did not let the crowds get their way”.


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