NYPD And Jewish Visitors Visit Grieving Marine Park Mom In Show Of Communal Support

NYPD And Jewish Visitors Visit Grieving Marine Park Mom In Show Of Communal Support
NYPD And Jewish Visitors Visit Grieving Marine Park Mom In Show Of Communal Support

Brooklyn, NY – It was an outpouring of support for the family of an eight year old Marine Park boy who was killed a week and a half ago in a freak accident, as representatives of both the NYPD and the Jewish community showed up at their home laden with gifts as a gesture of goodwill.

The Daily News reported (http://nydn.us/2ptf1fl)that Kevin Reilly was playing outside on April 27th when his basketball landed in a four foot long ceramic planter attached to the exterior of the family’s Ryder Street home.

As the eight year old climbed the iron bars of a lower window to retrieve his ball, the heavy planter affixed to a higher window came loose and fell on top of him, crushing his head and chest and pinning him to the ground.  Kevin was rushed to Coney Island Hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Kevin’s tragic death has resonated throughout Brooklyn and beyond. A Go Fund Me page set up a day after the accident to help the family cope with their devastating loss has raised over $80,000 to date and several members of Misaskim and the NYPD’s Community Affairs Bureau showed up at the family home on Monday with bags full of gifts for Kevin’s mother and two sisters.

“These are people who live in our backyard,” Misaskim founder Yanky Meyer told VIN News.  “We wanted to show Kevin’s mother that we are a community and we are all in this together.”

Meyer was accompanied by noted lecturer and rabbi, Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser and Misaskim members Meir Weill and Shmiel Rosenbaum and the delegation also included the family’s pastor, Reverend Thomas Doyle of the Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church.

Among the many members of the NYPD’s Community Affairs Bureau who visited with the family was Detective Michael Roimao who credited Meyer for putting together the meeting.

“He started the ball rolling and that is why we are all here,” said Roimao.

Daskalis was overwhelmed by emotion at times during the Monday visit,  tearfully thanking the group who showered her and her daughters with gift cards, fidget spinners, emoji pillows, plush toys, craft kits, a camera and a gift certificate to the American Girl doll store in Manhattan.  The divorced mother credited the NYPD for their continued support throughout the entire ordeal.

“From the minute I was at the hospital till today, they have been here with us and through the whole ride with us,” said Daskalakis. “It’s pretty amazing.”

Rabbi Goldwasser noted that Daskalis told him that she was extremely moved by the representation from the Jewish community.

“I told her that we were touched by what she is going through and that she is part of our greater family,” said Rabbi Goldwasser. “She looked at me and she said, ‘I just can’t believe that you are all here.”

Rabbi Goldwasser said that witnessing such an incredible outpouring of human kindness was an extremely moving experience for him.

“It was such a privilege for me to be there,” said Rabbi Goldwasser.

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