NYC DOT To Fix Parking Blunder In Brooklyn

Coney Island Ave parking sign that contradicted new Shabbos parking regulations on Coney Island Ave in Brooklyn, NY Photo: Shimon Gifter

Dear Editor,

Several weeks ago, I was excited to announce the planned introduction of shabbos meters in Midwood, spanning an area from approximately Avenue J to Avenue N.

Last week, the new signage was installed, including along some blocks on Avenue M that have Saturday morning alternate side regulations. If you or someone you know received a summons for inadvertently parking in one of these spots, please contact my office at 718-368-9176 for assistance.

Because the signs were installed in an area that has Saturday regulations, it defeats the purpose of the four hour shabbos meter. At my request, DOT went out this week to adjust the signage on these specific blocks to suspend Saturday regulations. We are working now to adjust alternate side on the south side of Avenue M between Coney Island Avenue and Ocean Avenue (as well as Elm Avenue between East 13 and East 14), freeing up more than 70 additional spots for shabbos parking.

As always, I encourage anyone with concerns or issues to reach out to me via email at [email protected] or by calling my office at 718-368-9176.

Councilman Chaim Deutsch

Above update was in response to this tweet:


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