NY GOP AG Candidate Keith Wofford Pledges To Clean Up Albany Corruption If Elected

(R-L) New York GOP AG Candidate Keith Wofford Talking With Boro Park Voter In VIP Grill 11.01.2018 Photo: Shimon Gifter

NEW YORK   New York’s attorney general can and should serve as a counterweight to the power of the governor, particularly when the governor has managed to concentrate much of the state’s political power in his office, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo has. An active and ethical attorney general can act as a deterrent to a governor’s abuse of executive power, Boro Park residents believe Keith Wofford is the best candidate to fulfill that role.

Wofford’s resume includes an impressive rise from a working-class family in Buffalo to Harvard Law School and now a job as a partner in a large law firm, specializing in bankruptcy and creditors’ rights. His commitment to public service can be measured by his willingness to give up a huge private sector salary ($3 million to $4 million) for the $159,000 he would earn as attorney general.

He is a political outsider, which we consider an advantage, but also a savvy lawyer who will represent the interests of all New Yorkers.

Wofford cited his integrity and his lack of political ambition as reasons why he’s the right person to serve as the state’s chief legal officer. He won’t use the office as a “political springboard,” he said, referring to the tenures of other recent attorneys general, such as Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo, who did just that.

To Read more from the Olean Times Herald: http://bit.ly/2ALrYJj

Last Thursday evening GifterInGotham sat down with Mr. Wofford where he talked about the campaign for a few minutes while campaigning in Boro Park.

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