NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind And Advocates Slams Sexaul Abuse Cover Up At Boro Park School

New York   On April 27, 2018 a WhatsApp audio of alleged sexual abuse went viral throughout the Jewish community. The Whatsapp audio of the alleged abuse was initially heard by an estimated 25,000 people within the first few hours of its release.

The claims of abuse were directed at a Brooklyn Hasidic school located on 16th Ave and 61 St in Brooklyn, NY.

Parents from the school who spoke on condition of anonymity have stated allegations of rape, touching, and other crimes by an employee of the school names Spikey. People claiming to be parents say the story is true and get angry with anyone who doesn’t believe them. When pressed by media as to why they have not made any police reports, the parents say nobody understands the Hasidic community and the intimidation that takes place against victims of sexual abuse. The issue at hand is people are shocked at the communities overall response. Where is the outrage?  And a legitimate question is how parents can make these serious allegations without making police reports and or take their kids out of the school until the situation is resolved legally.   There have been viral videos of regular people watching this entire saga and slamming parents for not making police reports.

On April 30, 2018, Assemblyman Hikind wrote on his Facebook account, “My phone continues to ring w/ reports of intimidation at Bais Sarah. Children told they are forbidden to discuss what occurs at school; mothers inquiring made fearful by intimidation. Rabbi Klein: I urge you to reconsider this approach. Parents/children are entitled to feel safe.”

Vinnews.com wrote an article on the allegations on April 29,2018, and quoted Hikind throughout the article.  http://bit.ly/2If1ZPa 

On May 3, 2018 the Forward put out an article on Bais Sora: http://bit.ly/2HUh09W

A letter of denial was apparently sent out on April 30, 2018 and Hikind slammed the school and accuses the school of a massive coverup. Watch:

An alleged denial of abuse letter that Assemblyman Hikind refers to in video slamming a Hasidic girls school. 05.03.2018

Other than Assemblyman Dov Hikind where are all the Jewish organizations? Hikind said he received at least 100 phone calls last week but in his video, he says he received  15 email complaints.  So what is going on?  Where are the other Orthodox Jewish politicians that represent the Jewish community?  It’s incumbent on the parents to act like parents and care for their children.  Children are re-victimized when their own parents refuse to make police reports.  Excuses of raglyaim l’dovor is not even in the equation in this case. So what is the excuse now for parents not going to the police and making official reports? Parents do not care about their own kids?  Fighting the issue on whatsapp forums will not accomplish anything.

The NYPD has not received one official complaint from anyone alleging abuse at Bais Sora. It’s beyond insulting for anyone to blame Hikind, NYPD, or the media for covering these issues.

Abusers will continue to abuse as long as abusers see nothing is being done to them.

How are abusers able to abuse victims for so many years? here is just one example:



An advocate for children, Mark Meyer Appel has been fighting this issue for over ten years and gave his take on this case and the fight to pass the Markey Bill which would protect victims of sexual abuse and continues to be stalled by the Republicans in Albany. Watch this exclusive interview with GifterInGotham.

Zvi Gluck, director of Amudim which deals with abuse cases, told VINnews in 2013 it’s important to allow victims to bring criminal charges against perpetrators or those who knowingly covered up instances of abuse without being bound by the statute of limitations.

“ The time has come to stop sweeping abuse under the rug,” said Gluck. “Sexual abuse is killing our kids and it is unconscionable that people who commit financial frauds have a longer statute of limitations than those who commit murder by molesting children.  This archaic law must be changed so that those who abuse our children be held criminally liable just as they would for other crimes committed.”

Watch this father’s passionate plea to parents who are refusing to make police reports:

In 2017, Assemblyman Dov Hikind gave one of the most passionate speeches in his 36-year political career on sexual abuse and what it does to victims and their families and also spoke of the importance of passing the Markey Bill. Watch this 2017 video taken in Albany, New York

April 23, 2015:

Now that you finished reading and watching this painful subject, are you going to demand justice and care about seeking the truth and facts and caring for victims or just continue to yap on whatsapp and accomplish nothing?



  1. The sexual abuse has got to stop. The people covering up for the predators need to go to prison with them. Siding with a predator over the victim is sick.


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