New York City Councilman Says Residents Should Pay for trash pickup

Photo: Shimon Gifter

New York Councilman Antonio Reynoso—chairman of the council’s Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management—said Thursday morning that the city should charge New Yorkers a fee for residential garbage pickups.

Speaking at a New York League of Conservation Voters policy forum, the councilman said that the Department of Sanitation should stop collecting for free all the garbage residents put out. The Citizens Budget Commission and other budget watchdogs have for years advocated such a policy, which is common across the U.S.

Reynoso, a Brooklyn democrat speaking at the New York League of Conservation Voters policy forum, said, “It is a utility. It should be treated like water or electricity. “We absolutely should be charging people for trash”.

However, he jokingly suggested political pressures made such a change unlikely this year.

“It’s an election year–we can’t charge people for trash,” he said to laughter from the audience. “Let’s wait till after this election.”

Political insiders say Mayor de Blasio is in favor of the idea but will not talk about it until after the upcoming election. New York media will definitely ask Mayor de Blasio his thoughts on just another new way of taxing people to death since it’s an election year.


  1. Who needs Republicans & Conservatives when you have crooked, very for sale Democrats running the city like Mafia dictators?
    Homelessness in this city is up 39% under this current administration. That not only falls on the Mayor, that also falls on the crooked, discombobulated city council’s watch. Perhaps the councilman can find some work on areas that need addressing, like homelessness, like city sponsored bottlenecked traffic, like rampant social service fraud, like rubber stamping diplomas for vastly undereducated youth, cable & Internet monopolies- instead of pandering to pay to play garbage contractors who’re fueling this ridiculous notion that ‘garbage is a utility’.


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