New video shows dramatic Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco

San Francisco -Four years after an Asiana Airlines plane slammed into the runway at San Francisco International Airport, new video has surfaced online, showing the dramatic crash and the frantic rescue effort around the smoldering jet.

The 47-minute video appears to have been recorded by a surveillance camera posted at an airport control tower. It was published June 28 on YouTube’s “What You Haven’t Seen” channel, and by late Wednesday, it had racked up nearly 40,000 views.

As of Thursday 2:05 PM 79,767 people viewed the video on youtube.

Jon Ballesteros, a spokesman for the airport, confirmed the authenticity of the video in an interview with the San Francisco chronicle.

The Boeing 777 clipped a seawall and then smashed into the tarmac. On the video, the plane skids down the runway, kicking up clouds of dust and chunks of the pavement. At one point, the plane tumbles.

By 11:29 a.m., inflatable evacuation slides unfurl from the airliner and passengers ride down. Others are seen walking across the wings as a plume of black smoke rises from the burning jet.

The first emergency responders arrived a minute later.

More than 180 of the 307 passengers and crew members aboard the flight were injured, and three were killed.

The NTSB also pointed to contributing factors, including the Boeing’s computer system and pilots’ fatigue over the long flight from South Korea.


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