New Clue Revealed In Unsolved 2016 Central Park Explosion

Manhattan — A new detail has emerged in the still-unsolved 2016 Central Park explosion, federal officials said Tuesday, exactly two years after the blast that caused a teenage tourist to lose his foot and part of his leg.

The explosives were packed in a clear shopping bag marked with the logo of La Unica Bakery, which is located in Union City and Jersey City, N.J., federal officials said, revealing the latest development in the case.

It was about 11 a.m. on July 3, 2016, when a 19-year-old visiting the city from Virginia stepped on a homemade explosive device hidden in rocks at the park, which sees about 250,000 visitors a day. Police at the time said it was not terrorism.

That explosive concoction was inside a clear plastic bag that, it’s now known, appeared to be from a New Jersey-based bakery.

PIX11 News has reached out to La Unica seeking comment.

The teenage tourist, Connor Golden, had to have his leg amputated below the knee. Months later, he received a prosthetic leg.

Police said in an update last year that the explosive device was made from commercially available products. The substances that were used are legally available to buy from hardware stores.

Just before the first anniversary of the blast, New York police and federal officials posted an increased reward of $40,000 — up from an initial offering of $10,000 — for information that leads to an arrest. That offer still stands.

Anyone with information, including photos and video in the hours and days before the explosion, is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS or ATF at 1-888-ATF-TIPS. Information also can be submitted by email at [email protected], through the ATF website or though the Reportit app.

GifterInGotham Video from July 3, 2016:


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