Mt. Sinai Brooklyn chief describes surges past normal hospital capacity

Two NYPD officers in front of Mt. Sinai hospital photo: Shimon Gifter

NEW YORK  While heroic staffers beg for protective equipment and don garbage bags to treat coronavirus patients at a Mount Sinai hospital, two of the system’s top executives are waiting out the public health catastrophe in the comfort of their Florida vacation homes, The NY Post reported a few days ago.

Dr. Kenneth Davis, 72, the CEO of the Mount Sinai Health System who pulled down nearly $6 million in compensation in 2018, is ensconced in his waterfront mansion near Palm Beach.

Davis has been in the Sunshine State for weeks and is joined by Dr. Arthur Klein, 72, president of the Mount Sinai Health Network, who owns an oceanfront condo in Palm Beach.

As the duo work from “home,” the Upper East Side-based hospital system seems to be imploding.

Mount Sinai West assistant nursing manager Kious Kelly succumbed Tuesday to COVID-19; maintenance workers scrambled to create patient pods in the main hospital’s vast lobby to deal with patient overflow, and specialists were called to the front lines to treat the sick.

A photo of nurses at Mount Sinai West near Columbus Circle wearing trash bags because they said there were no more gowns highlighted the dire supply shortage. City Council Speaker Corey Johnson called the photos and situation “shameful and shocking.”

Some nurses continued to say they lacked personal protective equipment Thursday despite claims by the hospital administration, and even Gov. Andrew Cuomo at his daily briefing, that there were enough supplies.

“People come in, they get intubated, they die, the cycle repeats,” Dr. Steve Kasspidis, of Mount Sinai Queens in Astoria, told Sky News. “The system is overwhelmed all over the place.”

The head of the New York State Nurses Association blasted the ghost leaders.

Switching to Mt Sinai hospital in Brooklyn the scene hasn’t been that glory either.

MSNBC reports:

Mt. Sinai hospital has also ignored local resident complaints for years about garbage strewn all over the streets and private property. The residential street on the side of the hospital has also been constantly used all day, night, weekends disturbing the residents.  Now with COVID 19 it’s even worse according to local residents.

Major complaints such as using a residential street for loading and unloading equipment including on weekends, disturbing the peace amongst its local neighbors, throwing garbage on private property and constant noise.  The hospital is supposed to use a loading dock and not use a residential street for anything.

Mt. Sinai staff has been throwing gloves on residential property and on city streets for years but it got completely out of hand in the last three weeks. Masks on all side streets near the hospital is a major biohazard issue. The leadership at Mt. Sinai hospital stinks.

The latest complaint from residents living on Ave M E.32 St was about the hospital taking out bodies without using a protective covering so children do not see the horrific scenes unfold during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kudos to the regular staff trying to save lives 24×7 and doing their best.

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