Motorist Saves Elderly Man From Jumping Off Verrazzano Bridge

NEW YORK   On Sunday afternoon at apx 2:17 PM a motorist traveling on the lower level of the Verrazzano bridge Brooklyn bound had a vehicle in front that suddenly stopped. The driver of that car got out and went to the railing and climbed over.

While other motorist went around in disgust an observant Jewish driver by the name of Tuli Abraham exited his vehicle and asked the person where he was going.   The response was, “I am going to jump” according to Abraham. Jacob’s response was, “no you won’t!

Abraham grabbed the man to prevent him from jumping. Around two minutes later, he was joined by a NY State Trooper that just happened to be passing by.  the trooper thought there was a two-car accident but heard Abraham screaming for his help.

The NYPD eventually assisted them as well as another motorist who stopped to help.  Abraham was holding the man for dear life by his belt and his shirt. The trooper had the man by his legs and NYPD ESU was able to help by lifting the man back over on to the roadway.

The emotionally disturbed man was taken into custody and transported via ambulance to a hospital.    Notes were found in the man’s car that obtained a will, emergency contact numbers as well what appeared to be a suicide note.

As the man was on the ground in safe hands, Abraham told the trooper, “when I approach the bridge I normally hate seeing you guys. This time you’re at the right place at the right time!”

Jacob Abraham is the son of Williamsburg community activist Isaac Abraham and is the CEO of Heavenly Events catering which is one of the top kosher catering companies based out of NYC.


  1. Mr. Abraham – what an amazingly heroic act…TY,TY, TY, – I truly hope this man you saved with your determination comes to your deli to celebrate “revival” with you !!!


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