Monsey baby dies from car crash injuries

The baby involved in last week’s pedestrian car crash in Monsey has died.

Police say the mother was walking on Route 59 along with her 13- and 8-year-old daughters and her 3-month-old son in a stroller when Albert Gomez slammed into them after a road rage incident with Moty’s car service company.

The baby underwent emergency surgery at Nyack Hospital and was transported to Westchester Medical Center. “The doctors tried to do everything they could to save this poor boy. But unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries,” says Ramapo Police Captain Martin Reilly.

Witnesses say Gomez became enraged after being cut off by a taxi cab. “The guy in the beige car had gotten pissed off, threw a cup out of the window, was weaving in and out of traffic and ended up hitting a few people,” says witness Joel Rabinowitz.

Gomez, 62, is facing assault and reckless driving charges. The Rockland County DA’s Office is looking into upgrading the charges to manslaughter.

Community activists say Route 59 is a problem spot for people walking in the area because there are no sidewalks and few crosswalks.

Albert Gomez arrested for Monsey road rage incident


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