Midwood Residents On Edge After String Of Home Invasions

Suspect Michael Fields seen on surveillance walking into a driveway before climbing in a window to enter home. GifterInGotham/ 10.14.2017

MIDWOOD     Brooklyn Residents are on edge after multiple homes were burglarized and dozens of homes had attempted break-ins.

On Saturday homeowners noticed many items missing from their homes including laptops, computers, I- Pads, cell phones, money, Jewelry, car keys, home keys, bicycles and other valuables.

Estimated losses to residents are over $150,000

NYPD recovered palm prints on a few homes and clear surveillance of the suspects being sought.

Residents have traced one of the I-pads through APPLE security to an exact address. NYPD refused to go to the address where the GPS signal was giving an emergency security alert angering dozens of residents. While doing interviews for this article a few residents who didn’t want to go on camera asked where is the  NYPD community relations?

Police sources tell GifterInGotham they are looking for Michael Fields and Benjy Shlafrig who are known to law enforcement and have criminal records.

NYPD put flyers out on Saturday afternoon alerting the community about Michael Fields wanted for a burglary on September 18th. It’s unclear as to why the NYPD kept this information from the public. Dozens of witnesses have seen these wanted perps over the last few days and if only the community would have been alerted earlier, all the home invasions and burglaries could have been prevented. Residents were questioning why there weren’t any NYPD patrols over the last month.

Detectives from the 61, 63, 66, and 70 Precinct are now working to apprehend these two individuals before someone gets hurt. Even though these perps have not displayed any weapons they should be considered armed and dangerous since they are entering homes while families are sleeping inside.

Anyone that sees any suspicious activity should trust their instincts and call FSSP at 718 338-9797 and call 911

There have been numerous videos over the last few weeks that have captured the perps walking in and out of driveways while residents witnessing the perps walking out of driveways did nothing. Residents are urged to call 911 and FSSP if you see anyone acting suspicious or anyone trespassing in and out of driveways.

NYPD has beefed up patrols including unmarked patrol units.




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