Mexican businessman takes swipe at Trump

Colbert's Toilet Paper

A Mexican businessman is taking a swipe at President Trump’s plan for a border wall and other “insults” to his countrymen — with a new brand of toilet paper named after the Commander-in-Chief.

Antonio Battaglia is introducing “Trump” TP — marketed under the slogans “Softness without borders” and “This is the wall that, yes, we will pay for.”

An illustration of the Trump toilet paper.AP

A prototype shows a caricature of Trump on a toilet paper roll, along with his signature golden comb-over coif and a thumbs-up.

The toilet paper is expected to begin a limited run later this year, with 30 percent of the profits promised to programs supporting migrants.

Battaglia said he was “really bothered” when Trump launched his presidential bid by characterizing migrants who enter the US illegally as criminals, drug runners and rapists.

“My thinking was: ‘We can’t keep quiet, right?’” he said from the central Mexican city of Leon. “So with this insult that was made, (I figured) I’m going to add my grain of sand in response.”

Battaglia said he has signed a contract to manufacture a small initial run worth about $21,400, enough to fill two cargo trucks. He said he hopes to generate enough demand to expand production.

A mock-up package boasts it contains four “puros rollos” — a double-entendre that literally means “pure rolls” — but also can be interpreted as “pure nonsense.”


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