Manhattan hoarders Apartment Captured On Video

Manhattan, NY  Within a few hours this story will be going viral.

A Manhattan superintendent was so sickened out by a tenant’s apartment — which was filled with roaches, trash and even a dead cat — that he posted video of the monumental cleanup online. Some media outlets are making the focus about a dead cat and couldn’t give a hoot about the real story which is the mental health condition of the hoarder.

This is another failure on de Blasio’s administration  A one year battle in courts according to the uploader means the city knew darn well what was going on and why the landlord wanted the tenant out.

“Whatever you’ve seen, you’ve never seen nothing like this, superintendent Martin Fernandez says in the YouTube clip.


  1. Alas, it’s yet another great (but preventable) tragedy, but hoarders are people for whom society and humanism have not only abandoned, but forgotten altogether! Exactly like our primitive US culture continues to cart off the elderly to abusive, subpar and seriously underregulated assisted living rackets, all of which hire Third World people of color from the Caribbean (and other Third World provenances), in order to care for millions of elderly persons, where care isn’t even a part of the equation—made only worse by petrified paychecs that are the REAL contempt and hostility that a worker ends up visiting on their charges, instead of the ever corrupt-and-crooked (mostly Jewish) ownership and senior management, all of whom deserve a jail cell for life!

    What is truly sad is that a sanitation worker who operates a garbage truck can make up to $150,000 a year —but, we can’t even find a budget to pay at least $50,000 a year for a person who handles human flesh and skin and not garbage for a living? What a devolution of society! WHAT PHILANTHROPY!

    In fact, what with the end of all humanism as we know it that is already upon us anyway, millions of people are now being mistreated by post capitalist globalists, all of whom are in the business of robbing other people’s lives, livelihoods and freedom (i.e., money, savings and healthcare), and hoarding is but one of the many examples of extreme mental breakdown and social ailing and illness look like. It occurs when the mind itself is left to rot and decay by a society that is even more blighted, shabby and devolved than what this brief video clip illustrates above!



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