Man attacked in Queens by suspect breaking into his car

“Boom. Just like that, he hit me right here,” said Joseph Foozailov about the sucker punch that nearly knocked him out.

He says it caught him off guard, punch after punch, fracturing his jaw in two places and knocking out three teeth.

“Blood, my teeth. He was pounding me against my car,” he said.

In an exclusive interview, the 31-year-old victim, with his face swollen, said it happened outside a deli on Parsons Avenue in Kew Garden Hills.

Around 11 p.m. Monday, he had just parked his car in front of a hydrant. Foozailov says the suspect first tried to break into the car parked in front of his.

So he ran into the deli to alert that driver, leaving his car unlocked.

By the time he ran back outside, he says that suspect was trying to break into his car.

“He opened it. I came, I shut the door, I moved him away,” said Foozailov. “And I wanted go back in, I was holding it like this and the next thing I know, boom.”

Police say the suspect is in his 20s, was wearing a winter coat and backpack at the time.

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