A man has been charged with assaulting an off-duty pilot as they walked off a plane in Kansas City.

Edward Foster, 49, had just landed at Kansas City International Airport on April 12 when he took offense with an unnamed pilot – who had not been flying the American Airlines plane and was simply traveling in the cabin.

The 49-year-old is seen in surveillance video walking off the jetway directly behind the pilot, before they both head into the terminal.

Then, about 60 feet from the gate, Foster is seen trying to make his way around in front of the off-duty pilot.¬†KSHB¬†reports the Kansas City man was attempting to take a picture of the pilot’s badge.

That’s when the incident takes a violent turn.

The pilot is seen waving his left arm towards Foster, seemingly in an attempt to shoo him away, however in doing so he knocked the 49-year-old’s cellphone from his hand.

Surveillance footage shows Foster grabbing the pilot’s left arm, dragging him to the side and almost sending him tumbling to the ground.

The pilot then recovers his footing, but Foster is seen striding towards him and delivering a two-handed shove to his shoulders and chest.

The pilot then stumbled backwards, before he got his luggage and headed out of the terminal.

Foster was seen giving chase, but police say the pilot was able to meet his wife in a car waiting for him outside and drive away.

A police report about the incident states Foster was furious at the pilot for allegedly being inconsiderate and ‘taking up too much room’ in the aisle of the plane.

The report also states the pilot suffered cuts to his legs and bruises on his arms.

The flight was from Dallas to Kansas City.

Foster is charged with assault and is due in court on May 16.


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