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LIVE: A powerful winter storm is making its way up the U.S. East Coast

Weather radar 9:25 PM EST 01.03.2018

NEW YORK   The South became a winter wonderland on Wednesday when flakes fell in northern Florida — part of a larger storm system that spread freezing rain, snow, and sleet into Georgia and the Carolinas in the afternoon.

The storm is forecast to keep moving further north and is threatening to drop more than a foot of snow in New England this week.

The snowstorm is rapidly strengthening through a process called bombogensis, which is described as a coastal low that intensifies quickly and has brought the unusual weather to states in the Southeast. Additionally, it is bringing fierce weather conditions up the East Coast through Thursday followed by extreme cold.


Boston’s Logan International Airport was among those affected, along with Newark Liberty International in New Jersey, according to the website. LaGuardia Airport in New York City said that more than 90 percent of its flights scheduled for Thursday was canceled due to the forecasted snow storm. American Airlines said it canceled more than 630 Thursday flights.

Freezing rain turned to snow on Wednesday afternoon in east Georgia and South Carolina and was making its way into parts of North Carolina, according to the Weather Channel.

And in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that all public schools would also be closed Thursday due to the storm.

Extreme lows coupled with the potential for a loss of power could make for a dangerous combination, meteorologists warned.

(NBC news)


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