Levaya For Philanthropist Mendy Klein Z”L

Cleveland     Mr Mendy (Robert) Klein, an icon in the Cleveland Jewish community, died suddenly after suffering a heart attack on Thursday. Mr. Klein was 65 years old.

“He was one of the pillars of the community who cared for every human being,” said Rabbi Eli Dessler, financial director of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland in Cleveland Heights. “He was behind every major project, privately and publicly, and he set the bar of charity on a tremendously high level and encouraged people by example to follow suit.

“He loved Jewish education. He was passionate about children of all backgrounds. he was the founder of Amudim which has helped hundreds of people who were suffering from opioid addiction among many other issues Amudim is known for.

 Klein was chairman of Safeguard Properties, a turnkey resource for multiple aspects of default property preservation; founder and chairman of SecureView, a supplier of clear boarding polycarbonate material; and chairman of RIK Enterprises.

The funeral will be at noon May 4 at Hebrew Academy of Cleveland’s Beatrice J. Stone Yavne High School, 2475 S. Green Road in Beachwood.

Agudath Israel of America issued the following statement:

“Reb Mendy was one of the parnesei hador, a baal tzedaka on a grand scale whose chesed toward the downtrodden and needy was legendary. What set Mendy apart from other generous philanthropists was his passion — his passion for Klal Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel, his passion for the downtrodden and the needy, his passion for fairness and justice. He invested his tzedaka dollars wisely, and the dividends on those investments are reflected most dramatically in the countless tortured neshamos to whom he brought healing and happiness.

“Agudath Israel was looking forward to paying public tribute to this extraordinary individual at its upcoming annual dinner. Instead, we will search for ways to perpetuate his remarkable legacy for generations to come.

“We join Mr. Klein’s choshuve family in mourning this terrible loss.”






  1. What a Tzadik, Baal Chesed. Without looking for kovod. May his neshama have an aliyah. Hope there was no foul play from a person that wants to cover up for molestation, etc…that Mr. Klein A’h fought against. He stood up for the less privileged.


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