LIVE: Fourth and final day of the Senate confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON (CNN) McConnell expects Kavanaugh to be seated in time for the new Supreme Court term

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sees no problems getting Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed and expects him to be seated on the Supreme Court by “the first Monday in October” — the start of the new term. He said this to radio host Hugh Hewitt earlier this morning.

Here’s the exchange:

Hugh Hewitt: You’ve said many times that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and that your major power is controlling the calendar. So the question is when will he be confirmed?
Mitch McConnell: Before the end of September. He’ll be on board at the Supreme Court by the first Monday in October, which you and I both know is the beginning of the October term.
Hugh Hewitt: Any doubt in your mind about that result?
MM: None whatsoever. I think any doubts anybody might have had have been dispelled by his virtuoso performance before the Judiciary Committee. I mean, it’s stunning. He’s just a stellar nomination in every respect.


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