In mid-June, a research team at Dalhousie University in Halifax published its annual Food Price Report, which predicted that the increase in the price of most foods over the coming months would be less than expected. Meat, however, bucked the trend. The forecast estimated that meat would climb in price by as much as seven to nine per cent by year’s end – three per cent more than had been predicted in December 2016.

Consumers of kosher meat might ask what the fuss is all about. After all, rising prices for kosher meat is something that seems to come as regularly as the summer barbecue season.

Several experts in the food service industry confirmed that consumers of kosher beef can expect price increases as high as 10 per cent this summer.

Michael Rich, president of DSM Foods Inc., a kosher meat and grocery importer, said “the price of meat was just increased across the board two weeks ago in the United States and Canada.” The price increase of five per cent will eventually be reflected in the price of kosher meat, he said, “which is a lot more expensive than regular meat.”

Rich said the price of U.S. beef on the hoof has jumped from 20 to 30 cents a pound, but the price of lamb is going up even more. “When talking to some of the guys in the United States, there are shortages of lamb and the price has gone through the roof,” he said.

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Kosher meat expected to rise in price this summer



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