Kalman Yeger Receives Schumer Endorsement For 44th NYC Council District Seat

Kalman Yeger Photo: Shimon Gifter

Brooklyn  U.S Senator Charles Schumer has endorsed Kalman Yeger for City Council in the 44th district.  One of the many city council endorsements Schumer has given over the years was to disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner who will be going to jail on Monday. What is shocking to many is how Councilman David Greenfield would run to someone who had zero influence in Boro park during the presidential election. Almost 80 percent of Boro Park, Midwood and other parts of Brooklyn south overwhelmingly voted for President Trump.

Councilman Greenfield’s inner circle basically called Boro Park voters idiots in January 2017 as reported in a WNYC article. http://www.wnyc.org/story/orthodox-jewish-voters-trump-borough-park/

Barry Spitzer is the district manager of Community Board 12 in Borough Park and made comments regarding Jews that received online hate messages during the Clinton VS Trump Presidential campaign. He believes many people that voted for Trump weren’t aware of the harassment online. So when it’s non-jews sending hate to orthodox Jews online everyone has the internet? it’s hard to show outrage without knowing what’s going on and not having the internet. Or is it when Jews are receiving disgusting things about Yoni Hikind from the Yeger campaign to the masses everyone has social media? This is so confusing.

Barry Spitzer told WNYC, “They know it exists, but the details, to how ugly it is really out there, I don’t think they really know the extent of it,” Spitzer said. “The Orthodox Jewish community, especially the Hasidic community, tend to be more insulated and not really go explore on the web what’s out there.”

So if this is the case why on earth is the Yager campaign sending out garbage about Yoni Hikind if Hasidic Jews living in Boro Park do not have the internet? Damn all of us if the hate is only going to the Non-Jews now who sent hate to the Boro Park Jews during the Trump campaign.

Is the city council race uglier than the Presidential race? And if nobody reads the so-called web then why is the entire smearing campaign against Hikind on the internet? Who exactly are they trying to fool?  Treating potential constituents as if they are a bunch of dummies will only infuriate all of them to vote for Yoni Hikind and be angrier even after the elections regardless who wins.

Another interesting find is most of the Rabanim that the Yeger campaign claims to have received endorsements from banned social media.  Anyone aware that social media is being used to smear the entire Jewish community through the Yeger campaign?

Below is the endorsement by Senator Schumer and the map that shows Boro Park overwhelmingly voting for Trump which was a vote against the establishment.

We still do not know how this race will end up. Maybe Yeger will win by 6,000 votes or lose by 1,000 votes.  The point is treating Boro Park voters like they are dumb hasn’t served Clinton very well. The voting numbers do not lie. History usually repeats itself.


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